Mission & History





To collectively influence the cheerleading and dance industry, to promote independence and work to ensure our long- term viability in the industry.


August 24, 2009: Eight companies met in New Orleans, LA in June ’09 to discuss forming an organization to strengthen our independence [Mardi Gras, UPA Cheer & Dance, Cheer America, Pac West, WSA, Champion Cheer & Cheer Ltd.]. The mission statement, goals, organization structure and initial plan were devised. From there, a 2nd meeting was scheduled in Dallas, TX and the official Independent Event Producers organization was launched.

September 22, 2009: The Independent Event Producers began on September 22, 2009, in Dallas, TX. Members elected the Board and continue to have a voice within the organization. These independently owned event companies are unique in their identities, united in their goals, equivalent in their voices and committed to their customers. With that said, the core focus of the IEP being to network, communicate, and pursue joint incentives.

May 11, 2010: The IEP held it’s first All Member Conference in Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel. Company members met face-to-face to discuss numerous issues and spirit industry concerns. A collaborative approach was refreshing and welcomed by all. In eight (8) short months, we have established ourselves as an entity to be recognized, with a voice and as having power. With 20+ companies we have the power to leverage our influence.  Imagine what we could do if membership doubled!